Hello fellow surfer,

Well, obviously you are only surfing the web right now, but even if we were surfing some good waves and you paddled out, that’s exactly how you’d be greeted by the people who currently comprise the Groundswell Society.

Our motto is “Sharing the Stoke of Surfing” and we’re serious -we really believe the only way to continue to receive the blessings of being a surfer is to give away as much stoke as you can. That’s why we registered the Groundswell Society as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization – and that’s why
the business of the Society includes putting up this web site.

We recently held our 6th Annual Surfing Arts, Science, and Issues Conference at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and one of the attendees was so impressed by what the Society is trying to do that he offered to help in any way he can. Society board member Mike Downey asked him what he did for a living, and next thing you know we have Greg Johnson dedicating a lot of time and effort to make this website come alive.

We are still sorting out stuff – like moving into a new home, but Greg’s hard work has made available to you a truly rich resource for new ways to look at surfing – to inspire those who want the most out of lifestyle defined by riding waves to absorb information, ideas, and challenges and then translate them into your own version of ‘surf stoke’ to share with others.

For starters we’ve put up the contents of our four publications and an initial selection from our archives containing some presentations from our conferences. We’ve also posted articles about the Society from the mainstream surf media and materials from our research trip to Peru.

We think you’ll find this site to be absolutely unique in the world of surfing, and indeed we’ve launched it on May 1, the international day of revolution, because we want to be part of a future for surfing that is always changing for the better. Thanks for stopping by.


The Groundswell Society