Surf Safety Alliance

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The Surf Safety Alliance was founded in February 2004 by Ventura, CA resident Maggie Hood after her then-13-year old daughter, Marissa, an experienced surfer, was knocked out by another surfer as she paddled back out. The older male surfer failed to allow enough room to safely negotiate around her. Maggie, along with a group of concerned, experienced Ventura surfers, formed the group to call attention to the following issues:

Beginner surfers need more education concerning surf techniques and the mostly unwritten rules of surf etiquette.
There are surf spots in every location that typically favor different levels of surf experience, from beginner thru expert, and beginners need to know where they should be surfing.
Since surfing by its nature is an inherently dangerous sport, surfers need to make it less dangerous by their attitudes and by how they treat each other while enjoying a truly fabulous sport.
Marissa has recovered from a severe concussion and surfs competitively