About The Groundswell Society

Here is some informantion about who we are and what we do, as well as learn a bit about the founders of The Groundswell Society!

Who We Are
Mission Statement
The goal of The Groundswell Society is to establish a values-based influence on modern surfing supporting education, research and community involvement in the arts, sciences and issues of the world of riding waves.

What We Do

Rincon Invitational
Surf Benefit event raising money for local environmental and educational organizations in the Rincon community.

Surfing Arts, Science And Issues Conference (SASIC)
Annual conference covering issues and topics that seek to invoke thought and debate with surfing’s intellectual elite giving seminars and classes.

Surf Safety Alliance
The Surf Safety Alliance was founded in February 2004 by Ventura CA resident Maggie Hood, after her then-13-year old daughter, Marissa, an experienced surfer, was knocked out by another surfer as she paddled back out.

Scholarship Photo
Created to help fund the higher education of surfing’s next generation of intellects.

Groundswell Society Publication
The Groundswell Society’s periodical covering topics and issues relevant to the surfing community.